User ID vs Staff Profile

User ID

A User ID provides the ability for employees to login and access your extendedReach system, and consists of a unique email address and password. Workspace setup and security permissions for a user are also configured on the User ID level, which determines what the user sees and what they have permission to do in extendedReach. When staff are no longer employed at your agency, their User ID should be deleted to prevent unauthorized access (User ID’s can’t be disabled or made inactive).

Staff Profile

The Staff Profile can be thought of as the “staff record,” “staff file,” or “HR file.” It is where staff related documents and training can be stored, as well as information like their digital signature, credentials, phone numbers, hire date, emergency contact, and more. Staff Profile creation is simplified when creating a User ID, since a setting is available to “Create and link Staff Profile” at the time of User ID creation.

If an employee’s role involves working with records (i.e. cases or homes) to perform and/or approve documentation, be assigned to cases/homes, or be listed as the supervisor for staff, the employee must have a Staff Profile. The assigned worker on records, as well as the “Performed By” and “Submit To” fields on documentation, are populated by Staff Profiles.

When staff are no longer employed at your agency, their Staff Profile should be made inactive, thus keeping the link between that staff person and their work linked (Staff Profiles can not be deleted). The Staff Profile deactivation is simplified when deleting their User ID, as you are prompted to mark the Staff Profile inactive when deleting the User ID. Alternatively, a Staff Profile can be made inactive directly on a Staff Profile.

If staff related documents and/or training need to be tracked for HR purposes, but the employee doesn’t need to access the extendedReach system, a Staff Profile can be added without a User ID.

Additional Info

  • Staff can not login to extendedReach without a User ID.
  • User ID’s can’t be disabled or made inactive.
  • Password can be reset on the User ID page.
  • A Staff Profile can be created and linked automatically when creating a User ID.
  • Staff Profiles generate the staff directory located under Summaries > Staff > Directory.
  • Activities and Reports are tied to the Staff Profile; not the User ID.
  • Staff related expiration dates and training hours are recorded in Staff Profiles.
  • Staff related email alerts can be configured based on documentation/training expirations within Staff Profiles.
  • An example of a User ID that doesn’t need a Staff Profile would be an auditor, or an employee needing view-only access.

Note about Security Permissions and Staff Profiles: Full Administrators and Restricted Staff Administrators (with access to the Staff Directory) can see the “Personal Information” section of Staff Profiles, as well as all documents and/or training files uploaded to a Staff Profile.

Accessing the Staff Directory (if permitted):