Why are my external signatures not appearing in the document?

If your external signatures are not appearing in your custom form or web form, try troubleshooting the following areas:

1) Are you a Plus, Enterprise, or External Signature Add-On Customer? If not, please reach out to your customer success manager to add this feature.

2) External Signatures must be enabled within each Activity and Report by checking the box that says Collect external signatures (advanced). Once checked, scroll down to set the # of signatures and relationships to collect. You must have Administrator Permissions to enable this feature. 

3) Is your Name, Date, and External Signature boxes field coded for external signatures (<*ES1>, <*EN1>, <*ED1>)?

You must use the <*ES> field codes in Signature Boxes in Custom Forms and Text fields in Web Documents.

Custom Form Example:

Web Document Example:

4) Did you click Collect External Signatures when you were ready to send the form out for signatures?

5) Has the external signer sent the document back with the signature (double-check email address)?