Zoho Analytics: How do I Change the Column Data Type from Plain Text to Multi Line Text?

Due to how extendedReach connects with Zoho, there are times when the Data Type for the columns must be changed from their default of "Plain Text" to "Multi Line Text".  If you are having problems with your Zoho sync not completing or specific fields not showing all the data, follow the steps in this article.

1. Go to the Data Table and click “Edit Design” (For this example, we are using the Cases table)

2. Scroll down to the Column Name that you’re wanting to change (most commonly it is a CustomLabel or CustomField column)
3. Double click on the Data Type box until the box looks as shown below
4. Click “Multi Line Text”
5. Once the Data Type reflects “Multi Line Text”, click “Save & Close”
6. Verify the Data Type was changed on the Data Table.