extendedReach Email Security Gateway (extendedReach SecureLine Message Escrow service)


  • Introduction
  • How to retrieve messages
  • FAQs


As part of our commitment to ongoing investment in usability, infrastructure, security, and performance, some emails (i.e. email alerts, emailing a copy of a report or activity, requests for external signatures, etc.) sent from the extendedReach system may be sent via an extendedReach SecureLine Message Escrow service, LuxSci, for retrieval by authorized recipients.

Recipients of extendedReach emails with the subject line “You have received a secure message from extendedReach” will use the following steps to retrieve the message and/or data that was shared from the extendedReach system.

How to retrieve messages

1) Access the email as you normally would. It will come from alerts@extendedreach.com, and the subject line will be “You have received a secure message from extendedReach.”

2) Click the “Read Your Secure Email Message” text within the message to be taken to the extendedReach SecureLine Message Escrow service.

3) The first time you access email from the extendedReach SecureLine Message Escrow service, you will need to register by entering your Name and create a password.

4) Once you have registered and entered your credentials, you will be taken directly to your message, where you can read the contents of the message and download any attachments that were included.  

NOTE: You will only need to register for the extendedReach SecureLine Message Escrow service one time. When accessing future emails from the “Read Your Secure Email Message” text, you will only need verify your identify by entering the extendedReach SecureLine Message Escrow service password that you created.


Question: How can I see all the messages in my extendedReach SecureLine Message Escrow service inbox?

Answer: You can only access one message at a time by clicking the "Read Your Secure Email Message" link that was included in the original email you received from alerts@extendedreach.com.

Question: How do I delete messages?

Answer: Messages will automatically be deleted after 90 days from when the notification message was sent. You are not able to manually delete messages from the extendedReach SecureLine Message Escrow service.