Zoho Analytics: Sharing Zoho Reports in extendedReach

Sharing Zoho reports in extendedReach is easy!

From an open report or dashboard within Zoho, click Share > URL/Permalink:  Set up the URL/Permalink:

  1. Click 'Toolbar' to allow end users to interact with the report, including refresh, change chart type, sort, and export the report.  
  2. Select the carat next to 'Access with Login'.
  3. Select 'Access without Login.'
  4. Click OK.  

Edit permissions to allow end users to Export Data, View Underlying Data, and Drill Down in the report.

Copy the URL/Permalink:

In extendedReach, paste the URL into the Settings > Custom Side Menu box [Org Preferences (FC) or System Configuration (GCM)] and Save.  

Now your report should be available when you click 'Custom' in the side bar in extendedReach!