Zoho Analytics: Emailing Zoho Reports

Emailing Zoho reports is easy!

From an open report or dashboard within Zoho, click Share > Email > select type of view to email.  

Enter the email address(es) of the *recipients and modify the message as necessary.  

*Note: In most cases, we recommend against checking 'Send a copy to me' on this screen.  ExtendedReach customers with a Zoho account are typically logged in with an extendedReach.com email address and not a personal email address, so if you check 'Send a copy to me', the email will not be sent to someone at your agency.  Instead, we recommend adding your email address in the "To" section to ensure you receive the scheduled email.  

Optional email settings:

  1. Set a recurring schedule (see above).  
  2. Set a password to protect the report and ensure only users who have the password can view the report.    
  3. Click Send.