Zoho Analytics: I need to determine which CustomField(s) to pull into a Zoho report without having to reference the Configurator in extendedReach.

CustomLabels reports for Activities and Reports

We have created two reports* that should help you find the field numbers for custom fields without having to go back to the Configurator in extendedReach:

These are organized by Program and Activity/Report Type, and they allow you to view all labels of custom columns and their corresponding field numbers for any Activity or Report type.  

For example, if I needed to pull in the Date of Last Physical Exam to a client report, I’d look for the Health Care Visit activity and find that Date of Last Physical Exam is CustomLabel6.  Therefore, I'd pull in Activities.CustomField6 to my report, and rename the label from CustomField6 to Date of Last Physical Exam.  

Note: If custom fields are moved around within a form, their corresponding field numbers generally stay the same.  However, if custom field labels change, you can use the CreatedDate on the right side of these reports to determine which contains the latest labels.  

*Note: If you do not see these reports in your system, send a message to support@extendedreach.com and we can copy them over into your system.