How to make custom form fields repeat

You can make previously completed custom form fields copy over into print templates, other documents, or new custom forms by using field codes! This is available for all activities and reports for cases and homes. 

For example, if there is a monthly progress note and you want certain fields to copy over, you can place field codes in the "default" field of the activity/report settings. Once the report is completed for a case or home and a new one is started, it will pull that prior information over. 

Below are the standard field codes that should be used. Make sure to use the field that matches the report you are working on. If you are working on a report for a child, use the "case report format":

  • Home Report Format:  <FHREP-CustomField_Value_[FIELD #]-[Report Name]>
  • Home Activity Format:  <FHACT-CustomField_Value_[FIELD #]-[Activity Name]>
  • Case Report Format:  <CCREP-CustomField_Value_[FIELD #]-[Report Name]>
  • Case Activity Format:  <CCACT-CustomField_Value_[FIELD #]-[Activity Name]>

For the [report/activity name], remove the brackets and enter in the exact name of the report/activity e.g. Youth Case Note. Make sure there are no extra spaces - it needs to match the activity or report name exactly. 

For the [field#], remove the brackets and enter in the field number seen on the custom form (see image below). Click on the field you are working on to see the field number. 

So for example, if you want to pull the "Present" field, the code would look like this: <CCACT-CustomField_Value_7-Youth Case Note>. Place the field code in the "default" field and save. 

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