How do I merge duplicate cases or homes?

To merge a case or a home, go to the duplicate case/home screen (e.g. the one that is going to be removed and merged into the other case). Note: This functionality is only available to users who have the User Id permissions to Delete Cases or Homes.

When a case or home is merged, it will copy over all of the items in the case file or home file as well as all missing General tab information.

Hover over More (on the case or home that is going to be removed) and select Merge Duplicate Case (or Merge Duplicate Home).

Case Duplicate Merge Access
Home Duplicate Merge Access

A pop-up will the appear where you can enter in the case name (or home name) or the case number (or home number) to merge with. If they system finds a match, you will be able to merge them.

NOTE: Once you merge a case or a home, there is not a way to undo the merge. Please merge wisely.

Case Merge Pop-Up
Merge Homes Pop-Up

There are circumstances where you will not be able to merge cases/homes and you will receive a waning message. Here are the situations in which you cannot merge:

  • The case or home has a different status (e.g. an open home cannot be merged with a closed home / a pending referral cannot be merged with an open case)
  • The case is in a different program (e.g. a case in a residential program and a case in a foster care program)

If your case/home fits the merge criteria, click on Merge Cases (or Merge Homes), a confirmation pop-up will appear that the files have successfully merged.

Congratulations! The cases or homes have now been merged. Click on Take me to it to go to the new case/home screen.