Case Screen: Treatment Tab


  • Introduction
  • Enabling the Treatment Tab
  • Treatment Tab Configuration
  • Adding a Treatment Goal
  • Reporting


This article is meant to assist you with how to use the Treatment tab. The Treatment tab is a place where you can track the education, social, medical, etc. goals of child. You can track the objective, the progress, the time frame, and the interventions that need to be taken to achieve the goal. You may use field codes to pull information from the Treatment tab into other reports or custom forms

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Enabling the Treatment Tab

If the Treatment tab is not set up for your program, an agency administrator can enable the tracking under Program Settings > Programs > Select the program > Setup > Enable "Treatment: Track treatment goals". 

Image: Enable Treatment Goal Tab

Treatment Tab Configuration

Once enabled, go to Organization Settings > Organization Preferences > Settings > Show Advanced Settings. Here, you can add custom goal categories, statuses, and field labels. You can also add additional fields to the Treatment Tab view such as the person responsible, the problem, and can enable sub goals (separate goals to be achieved within the main goal).

If custom goal categories, statuses, and types are enabled, those will be customizable under the Keywords > Other tab. 

Image: Additional Treatment Tab Settings

Adding a Treatment Goal

The Treatment Tab will appear on the Case screen. From there, you will see an at-a-glance view of all of the goals. To see only active goals, click on "Show Active Only". 

To add a new goal, there are two options to choose from: 

1. Manually add a new goal - create a specialized goal for the case

2. Copy a goal from another case - copy a goal that has been created for another case, this will copy all the goal information over

To manually add a new goal, click on "Add Treatment Goal". From there, you will be re-directed to the New Treatment Goal screen. Below is the default treatment goal view - remember that you can add more fields and customize the field labels under Organization Settings. 

Image: Treatment Tab Default Layout

Enter in the goal information and click on Save to save the goal.

  • Goal Status: select whether the goal is in process, achieved, or not achieved
  • Timeframe: select the start and end period of when the goal should be achieved
  • Goal Category: select the appropriate category for the goal (e.g. Education, Family, Behavior, Medical, etc.)
  • Goal/Objectives: use the text box to describe what the specific goal or objective is
  • Actions/Interventions: use the text box to illustrate what the actions/inventions will be to achieve the goal
  • Progress: indicate any progress made or how progress will be measured 


A list of all the client's treatment goals can be found under Casework > Treatment Goals. It will provide a percentage of goals achieved, not achieved, and still in process. 

Use the Group By feature at the top of the report to group the goals by caseworker or goal category. 

Image: Treatment Goals Report

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