Adding an Auditor User ID


  • Introduction
  • Creating the Auditor User ID
  • Granting File Access to Auditors
  • An Auditor's Point of View
  • Removing Auditor Access


This article is meant to assist you with adding a User ID for an auditor. A User Id is required to be able to access extendedReach.

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Creating the Auditor User ID

To get started, go to Organization Settings > Organization Preferences > Settings tab > click on "Show Advanced Options" then enable "System: Enable auditor role (advanced)".

Image: Enabling the Auditor Role

Next, create a User Id for the Auditor under Organization Settings > User Ids. Click here for more information on setting up User Ids

In the User Id screen, change their workspace role to "Auditor" and save.  

Image: Auditor Workspace Setup

Granting File Access to Auditors

In order to assign cases, homes, and staff to an auditor, an existing user needs to have the Miscellaneous Permission, "Manage Auditor Access", enabled on their User ID.

Image: Manage Auditor Access Permission

Users with "Manage Auditor Access" enabled will see a new button on cases, homes, and staff labeled "Auditor Access".

Image: Case Auditor Access Button

Image: Staff Profile Auditor Access Button

Click on "Auditor Access" to grant the auditor access. A pop-up appear allowing you to specify which auditor has access to that case / home / staff profile.

From there, decide if they need to have access to all the completed activities and reports, or only select reports and activities.

To grant them permission to view all activities and reports, click on "All Completed Activities & Reports".

Image: Auditor Access Pop-Up

 To grant them permission to view specific activities and reports, click on "Specific Completed Activities & Reports". This will provide a list of all completed reports and activities, including the associated date. Use the check boxes to mark them individually, or click on Check All.

Once you've configured the access, click on OK.

Image: Auditor Access Pop-Up - Specific File Selection

When auditors are granted access to a case, home, or staff profile, the "Auditor Access" button icon will update to a hand holding a holder, signifying that they have access.

Image: Updated Auditor Access Icon

All cases, homes, and staff that you grant the auditor access to will appear on their User Id.

Image: Updated Auditor User Id Workspace

An Auditor's Point of View

When auditors log in, they will not have access to any items on the Side Menu. Rather, they will be able to choose from the cases, homes, and staff they were provided access to. 

Image: Auditor Log In Screen

When they select a file to view, it will populate the basic information as well as the files that they can access.

They can click on View to see the related activity or report. They can also use the Filter Files view to type in the file name that they wish to look at, rather than scrolling through the list. 

Image: Auditor Case View 

Removing Auditor Access

Once the audit is finished, go back into the auditor's User Id and click on "Revoke All Access". A pop-up message will appear, asking for confirmation to revoke access, click OK. 

Image: Revoke All Auditor Access

Image: Continue to Remove Access? Pop-Up

A confirmation message will appear once access has been removed, click on Ok to exit out of the pop-up.

Image: Confirmation that Access was Revoked

The workspace will then clear the items they had access to. If the auditor were to login again, they would not have any files to choose from. 

Image: Access was Removed from the User Id