Sending Staff Welcome Emails


  • Introduction
  • Sending Mass Emails from Main User ID Screen
  • Sending Email from Specific User ID Screen


This article is meant to assist you with sending staff welcome emails. When you add a new staff member to extendedReach, you will want to send them a welcome email that provides a link and their login email. (You will need to communicate to them what their temporary password is). Emails come from; if a staff member does not receive the email, have them check their spam/junk folder. 

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Sending Mass Emails from Main User ID Screen

Once you have create a User ID for the staff member, you can send mass welcome emails from Organization Settings > User IDs. 

Click on Send Welcome Emails then select all of the staff members to send it to. If you need to send to all staff, click on Check All. Once you have placed a check mark next to the names of those who should get the email, click on Send. 

Image: Send Welcome Emails Button

Image: Select Staff

Once you click on Send, you will receive a confirmation message that the emails were sent. 

Image: Welcome Emails Sent Confirmation 

Sending Email from Specific User ID Screen

You can also send a welcome email directly from a staff's User ID screen. To do so, click on Edit in the User ID then check the box next to "Send Welcome Email" and click Save. This will send that specific staff member a welcome email. 

Image: Send Welcome Email from User ID Screen