How to Mass Reassign Cases and Homes

During the transition time of an employee leaving an agency, the cases and the homes (including inquiries) are oftentimes not re-assigned right away, which can cause tasks to become overdue or expired.

When a staff member's staff profile is marked inactive and they are still assigned to active cases and homes (either as a primary or secondary worker), a warning message will appear at the top of the staff profile with a link to automatically reassign them to an active employee (click on the blue text).

A pop-up will then appear with a drop-down of available, active staff to reassign the items to. Select the appropriate worker then click on “Reassign”. The pop-up window will refresh and say “Items have been reassigned” once completed.

All email alerts, revision tracking, and triggers will work as if these changes were made one at a time manually.

For more information on the steps to take in extendedReach when an employee leaves the agency, click here.