Organization Preferences - General


  • Introduction
  • Security Level Requirements and Access
  • Organization Information
  • Address
  • Agency Distribution List
  • Data Backup
  • Zoho Reports
  • Electronic Claims Setup
  • Other Information
  • Shared Access


This article is meant to provide you with details on the General Tab in Organizational Preferences. Organizational Preferences is the configuration control center for your agency’s extendedReach system. The General Tab controls general information regarding your agency.
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Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access the “Administration” menu on the left side of your Workspace. Hover over Organization Settings and click on “Organizational Preferences”.
Image: Organizational Preferences Access Screen

Organization Information

Use the Organization Information section to indicate the time zone of the agency, its display name, and how many branches the agency has. 

Image: Organization Preferences-General Tab: Organization Information


Enter in the agency address in the Address section. If there is a separate mailing address, check the box next to "Separate mailing address" to enter in the information; if there is a separate billing address, check the box next to "Separate billing address" to enter in the information; 

Image: “Organization Preferences-General Tab: Address”

Agency Distribution List 

The agency distribution list can be used Email Alerts. When adding emails to this list, each email address should be separated by a comma (,). 
Image: Organization Preferences-General Tab: Distribution List

Data Backup

Backup all of your extendedReach data by clocking on the "Email Download Link" button. For more information on the Data Backup, see the Related Article below. 

Image: Organization Preferences-General Tab: Data backup

Zoho Reports

Zoho Analytics (Reports) is a 3rd party reporting tool that integrates with extendedReach to build tables and charts. If this is an add-on that your agency is interested in, you can contact 
Image: Organization Preferences-General Tab: Zoho Reports

Field Name Description
Database Name Zoho database name given to organization by extendedReach
Db Owner (Email) Email address of the Zoho database owner
Username (Email) Email address of the Zoho database owner
Password Your Zoho Reports password
Custom Columns Create Custom Columns in this Format: Table Name | @Formula (e.g. Cases | IQ Score | CC_IQScore)
# Custom Fields The number of custom fields that get sent to Zoho. For example, if you use a report with the custom form builder using 50 fields, set the # of Custom Fields to 50
Upload Started Date last uploaded was started
Upload Finished Date of last successful upload to Zoho

Electronic Claims Setup (Submitter)

NOTE: Only available with agencies who use the Advanced Financial Management. 
Enter in information regarding who the claims get sent to as well as the best contact at the agency for information about the claims. This information will be filled out for your agency by extendedReach staff when enabled. 
Image: Organization Preferences-General Tab: Electronic Claims Setup

Other Information

Use this section to enter in information regarding the agency's license number and federal tax identification number.

Image: Organization Preferences-General Tab: Other Information

Shared Access

This box will be checked if the agency is set up as multiple organizations on extendedReach.

Image: Organization Preferences-General Tab: Shared Access