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  • Foster Care Case Information
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This article is meant to assist you with the General Tab in a Case Screen.

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General Tab Layout

Image: Case Screen: General Tab Layout

Foster Care Case Information

The Foster Care Case section is a place to enter in the case number, case worker, referral reasons, permanent plan goals, and other information regarding the foster care case. 

Image: Foster Care Case Information Section

Below are common fields found in the Foster Care Case section. These fields may vary by agency. 

Field Name Description
Agency Case # Case number assigned by the agency
Caseworker Name of the assigned casework
Admission Date Date of case admission
Referral Reason Drop down menu that provides reason for the case referral
Additional Reason Additional referral reasons not listed in the Referral Reason box
Prior Episode(s) Any known prior episodes
Organization The name of the organization
Branch If your organization has multiple locations or units that provide a distinct service within a particular program, you may have branches within your organization. Each case is associated with a particular branch.
Program The name of the program
TPR Petition Date of termination of parental rights petition
TPR Ordered Date of termination of parental rights was ordered
Anticipated Discharge Date of anticipated discharge from agency care

Child Information

Use the Child Information section to enter in details about the child's name, social security number, date of birth, gender, race, and more!

Image: Child Information Section

Funding Information

Use the Funding Information section to indicate the assigned funding organization for the case and the rate level. Rate levels can be created by going to Program Settings > Program Rate Sheets. See the Days Care Rates article in the Related Articles section below for more information. 

If you do not see a specific Funding Organization, Secondary Funding Organization, or Claims Payer in the Funding Information section, please contact 

Image: Funding Information Section


Use the Education section to enter information about the school the client is currently enrolled in.

Image: Education Section


If the client is of age, use the Employment section to indicate whether the client is employed or not. If they are employed, enter in information regarding the employer and the amount of hours worked each week.

Image: Employment Section

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