Case Screen: Financial Tab


  • Introduction
  • Financial Tab Layout
  • Charge
  • Payment
  • Adjustment
  • Authorization
  • Account Balance


This article is meant to assist you with the Financial Tab in a Case Screen. The Financial Tab is only available with the Enterprise Financials add-on. For more information or a demo, please contact 

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Financial Tab Layout

The Financial tab will provide an overview of all payments, charges, adjustments, and authorizations for a case. Use the "Show" drop-down to filter what items display in the Financial Activity screen. By default, it will display all open items. 

Image: “Case Screen: Financial Tab Layout”


Charges are mainly used for Days Care; however, charges can also be used for clothing, allowances, transportation, etc. To create a new charge, click on Charge.

Days Care charges should be generated automatically and can be done so using the Days Care: AR Generation (Organization Billing > Days Care: AR Generation > Generate AR). 

Image: “Charge Screen”

Complete the required fields and then click Save. If you have multiple entries, click Add Another.

Image: “Charge: General Screen”

Field Name Description
Charge Date Date of the charge
Type Select the type of charge from the drop-down menu
Home Name This will default to the home the client is currently placed in. Click on the magnifying glass icon to select a different home
Amount Indicate the amount of the charge
Memo Indicate any notes
Status Status of the charge
Bill To Select the county to bill to
Reimburse home The charge made will reimburse the home for the amount entered in the Amount field
Specify quantity and rate Allows for invoice details to indicate different dates, descriptions, quantities, and rates

Should you select “Specify quantity and rate”, the screen will add the following:

Image: “Charge: Specify quantity and rate”

Use the Billing tab, to specify whether or not to post a specific charge as well as overriding an entry to enter in adjusted debits and credits. 

Image: “Charge: Ledger Journal Entries Screen”


To add a payment that has been received to the extendedReach system, click on “Payment”.

Image: “Payment”

Complete the required fields highlighted in yellow before applying the payment. 

Image: “Payment: General Screen”

Field Name Description
Payment Date Date of the payment
Type Select the payment type from the drop-down menu
Check Number Enter in the check number in this field
Amount Enter in the amount of payment received
Memo Specify details about the charge
Deposit Date Indicate the date the payment was deposited
Status Displays the status of the payment
Payment From Use the drop-down menu to indicate who the payment was from

By checking the box next to a charge, the eR system will calculate your payment. Payments need to be applied to charges in order to zero out any balances. Check the box next to the appropriate charges to associated the charges with the payment. 

Image: “Payment: General – Apply To These Charge(s) Screen”


To add an adjustment to the extendedReach system, click on “Adjustment”. Adjustments are mainly used to correct Days Care charges, either for the wrong rate or wrong placement dates; however, can be used to correct other case charges as well. 

Image: “Adjustment”

Complete the highlighted fields and “Save”. If Days Care is being adjusted, select the Days Care charge to apply the adjustment to and enter in the amount to add to the Days Care charge (Days Care Increase) or the amount to remove from the  Days Care charge (Days Care Decrease).

Image: “Adjustment: General Screen”

Field Name Description
Adjustment Date Date of the adjustment
Adjustment Select from the drop-down menu what the adjustment is for
Type Using the drop-down menu, select the type of adjustment
Apply To Select the charge the adjustment will be applied to
Amount Indicate the amount to be adjusted
Memo Specify details about the adjustment
Status Indicates the status of the adjustment


If an authorization (or prior approval) has been granted by an insurance company to keep track of billable activities, click on Authorization to add the information. 

Image: “Authorization”

Complete the highlighted fields and “Save”. Indicate the Authorization Type the authorization can be used for and who it is from. If the authorization is no longer being used, click on the box next to "Inactive". 

Once saved, authorizations can be applied to their specified types in future charges. 

Image: “Authorization: General Screen”

Account Balance

The account balance will appear at the bottom of the Financial tab. Additional aging account information can be found under the Financial tab on the Summaries menu > Aging Report. 

Image: “Account Balance”