Case Screen: People Tab


  • Introduction
  • People Tab Layout
  • Add Relationship
  • Copy From Other Case
  • Copy from Address Book
  • Sibling Group


This article is meant to assist you with the People Tab in a Case Screen. The People Tab is a great place to store information, as this data will be accessible to all users within your agency.

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People Tab Layout

The People tab is where you can enter in information about the People involved int he client's life. Biological parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, medical professionals, etc. There are 3 methods that can be used when adding people to the People tab: manually adding the relationship, copying relationships from other cases, or copying from the address book. 

Image: “Case Screen: People Tab Layout”

Add Relationship

To add a relationship to the extendedReach system specific to the client, click on “Add Relationship”.

Image: “Add Relationships Button”

Use the "Type" drop-down to select whether the relationship type is for a person or an organization. Depending on what you select in the "Type" drop-down, your options for the "Relationship" field will vary. If the relationship you are looking for is unavailable in the Relationship field, select "Other" and indicate the relationship type in the "Specify" field. 

Additionally, indicate whether or not the individual is an approved visitor and if they are approved for phone calls. You can flag the relationship, which will show in the main People tab view.

Image: “Add New Relationship Screen”

Copy from Other Case

Another way to add a relationship to the People Tab, is to click on “Copy from Other Case”. A pop-up will then appear that will allow you to pick a case to pull relationships from. You can pick select relationships or click on Check All and then Ok to transfer the relationships over. 

Image: “Copy from Other Case Button”

Copy from Address Book

The last way to add a relationship to the People Tab, is to click on “Copy from Address Book”. This will pull all the information over for the selected individuals from the agency's extendedReach address book

Image: “Copy from Address Book Button”

Sibling Group

Link together siblings by creating a Sibling Group ID. Once the ID has been created, linked siblings will show in the Sibling Group section on the People tab. Reports and activities can be configured to copy over to siblings to prevent repetitive entry.

If there are siblings not in care at the agency, add the siblings as a relationship under the People tab. 

Use the magnifying glass to search for a Sibling Group ID that has already been created. Click on the ID and then Save on the case profile and the link will be created. For more information on Sibling Groups, see the Related Articles section below. 

Image: “Sibling Group Screen”

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