Case Screen: Referral Tab


  • Introduction
  • Referral Tab Layout
  • Referral Details
  • Case Summary at Intake
  • Summary of Activity Not in System


This article is meant to assist you with the Referral Tab in a Case Screen. If you are currently not tracking referrals in your agency and would like to start, go to Organization Preferences > Settings > enable the setting "Referrals: Track pending and rejected referrals".

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Referral Tab Layout

If your agency is tracking referral details, the Referral tab will appear between the General and Health tab. By default, cases will track the referral details of a case. If you do not need to track the referral information for a specific case, un-check the box "Track referral details".   

Image: “Case Screen: Referral Tab Layout”

Referral Details

By default, the fields Referral Date/Time, Response Date/Time, Who Took Referral, and Targeted Placement will appear under the Referral Details section. Other fields such as the Referral Source, name of the Referring Worker, and the referrer's phone and email, can be enabled by an Agency Administrator in Organization Preferences. 

Image: “Referral Details Section”

Case Summary at Intake

Enter any known information about the referral in regards to previous placements and health records in the Case Summary at Intake section. 

Image: “Case Summary at Intake Section”

Field Name Description
Number of Prior Placements Number of prior placements the client has gone through
Number of Prior Caseworkers Number of caseworkers who have worked with the client
Prior Agency Name(s) List any agencies the client was previously with
Placement Preference(s) Indicate the placement preference of the client
Prior School District Client’s prior school district
Permanent Plan Goal Permanent plan goal for the client
Last Well Visit Date of last well child visit
Last Dental Date of last dental exam
Last Therapy Date of last therapy session
Last Psychological Date of last psychological exam
Last Vision Exam Date of last vision exam
Last Hearing Exam Date of last hearing exam
Last TB Test Date of last tuberculosis test

Summary of Activity Not in System

Include any activity that is not in the extendedReach system here. Use the format "MM/DD/YYYY - Activity Description" to add information. 

Image: “Summary of Activity Not in System Section”

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