Case Screen: Health Tab – Summary


  • Introduction
  • Case Screen: Health Tab Summary Layout
  • Medical Contacts
  • Medical Appointment Dates
  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Physical Inventory


This article is meant to assist you with the Summary Portion of the Health Tab in a Case Screen.

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Case Screen: Health Tab Summary Layout

The Summary tab can be accessed through the Health tab. In the Summary tab, you can view and enter in information regarding recent medical appointments, the client's physical inventory, and more. 

Image: “Case Screen: Health Tab Summary Layout”

Medical Contacts

The Medical Contact section lists individuals specified as specific contacts in the People tab. Clicking on their blue, hyper-linked name will bring a user directly to their information in the People tab. 

Image: “Medical Contacts Section”

Medical Appointment Dates

This is an overview of all the completed and coming due Medical appointments. These appointments can be added or updated through their associated program activity. 

Click on the blue, hyper-linked date to view the activity information and add any additional comments in each corresponding comments section.

Image: “Medical Appointment Dates Section”

Chronic Health Conditions

If the client has any known chronic health conditions, list all the information in this section. If there are no known chronic health conditions, check the box "No known chronic health conditions". 

Image: “Chronic Health Conditions Section”

Physical Inventory

Track the physical attributes of the client in the "Physical Inventory" section.  Enter in any known information of hair color, eye color, vision problems, weight, distinct marks, etc. 

Image: “Physical Inventory Section”

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