Case Screen: Health Tab – Behavioral


  • Introduction
  • Case Screen: Health Tab Behavioral Layout
  • Psychological Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis Comments
  • Intelligence Quotient
  • Hobbies, Interests, and Strengths


This article is meant to assist you with the Behavioral Portion of the Health Tab in a Case Screen.

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Case Screen: Health Tab Behavioral Layout

The Behavioral tab can be accessed through the Health tab and is a place where you can enter in information regarding psychological diagnoses, IQ data, hobbies, and strengths. 

Image: “Case Screen: Health Tab Behavioral Layout”

Psychological Diagnosis

Enter in any diagnoses that client has. You can search by DSM number to pull the correct diagnosis information.

Image: “Psychological Diagnosis Screen”

Field Name Description
Diagnosis Review Date Date of initial review of the diagnosis
Primary Diagnosis Primary diagnosis of the client
Additional Diagnosis Any additional diagnoses the client may have - automatically adds a new field after the primary diagnosis has been inputted 
Diagnosis Reviewed By Name of person who reviewed the diagnosis

Diagnosis Comments

Include any additional information about the diagnoses in the comments section.

Image: “Diagnosis Comments Screen”

Intelligence Quotient

Enter in any known information about the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of the individual.

Image: “Intelligence Quotient Screen”

Field Name Description
Last IQ Score Last recorded IQ score of the client
Last Score Date Last date of IQ test
Highest Known IQ Score Highest known IQ score for the client
Highest Score Date Date highest score was achieved

Hobbies, Interests, and Strengths

Include information about any and all hobbies and/or interests the client has in the Hobbies/Interests box. 

Include information about any and all personality strengths and/or attributes in the Strengths box. 

Image: “Hobbies, Interests, and Strengths Screen”

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