Home Screen: Inquiry Tab


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  • Home Screen: Inquiry Tab Layout
  • Home Information
  • Marital Information
  • Interview Questions
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This article is meant to assist you with the Inquiry Tab in a Home Screen.

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Home Screen: Inquiry Tab Layout

Use the Inquiry Tab to track next steps, home information, marital information, and interview questions prior to opening the home .

Image: “Home Inquiry Tab”

Next Steps

The Next Steps section helps show where the inquiry is at in the application process. These steps can be customized by an agency administrator in Organization Preferences. 

Image: Next Steps

Home Information

Used for basic home information, the "Interested In" and "At least # years old" are customizable by an agency administrator in Organization Preferences. 

Image: Home Information Screen

Marital Information

Use this section to enter in information about how many years that couple has been married as well as whether or not either of them have been in previous marriages.

Image: Marital Information Screen

Interview Questions

Enter in the answers the family has given for the following interview questions. 

Image: Interview Questions

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