Home Screen: Licensing Tab


  • Introduction
  • Home Screen: Licensing Tab Layout
  • Licensing Information
  • License Details/Preferences
  • Licensing Process Details
  • Licensing Comments


This article is meant to assist you with the Licensing Tab in a Home Screen.

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Home Screen: Licensing Tab Layout

The licensing tab is where you will be able to record home licenses/approvals/certifications. 

Image: “Licensing Tab Layout”

Licensing Information

Click on Add License to enter in the license information. To view additional licenses, click on the blue, hyper-linked text under the "Type" column.

Image: “Licensing Information Section”

License Details/Preferences

This section is meant to store information about the licensing details of the family. Here you can specify the max capacity of the home, as well as the age range, gender, and race they would prefer. Indicate the service type the home is licensed for by placing a check-mark next to the Service Types. 

Image: “License Details/Preferences Section”

Placement Comments

Use the Placement Comments field to add additional information about the types of placements the home is looking for.

Image: “Placement Comments”

Licensing Process Details

Use this section to indicate whether or not the home has previously been licensed. Additionally, you can record when the home study was assigned and received here. Fields in this section may vary by agency. 

Image: “Licensing Process Details Section”

Licensing Comments

Add any comments about licensing regarding this home.

Image: “Licensing Comments Section”

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