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  • Home Screen: People Tab Layout
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  • Expiration Dates and Clearances
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This article is meant to assist you with the People Tab in a Home Screen. The People Tab is a great place to store information about household members, non-household members, and additional resources used by the home, as this data will be accessible to all users within your agency.

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Home Screen: People Tab Layout

The People Tab is used to store basic information about household members, emergency contacts, non-household members, etc. There are two different ways to add people to the People tab. The first way is to click on Add Relationship; the second way is to copy over individuals from the Address Book

Image: “Home Screen: People Tab Layout”

Add Relationships

To add a new relationship to the extendedReach system, click on “Add Relationship”. 

Image: “Add Relationships Button”

Use the "Type" drop-down to select whether the relationship type is for a household member, non-household member, organization, respite home, or a borrowed bed. Depending on what you select in the "Type" drop-down, your options for the "Relationship" field will vary. 

Note: Relationship types can be edited under Organization Preferences by an agency administrator.

Image: “Add New Relationship Screen”

Expiration Dates and Clearances

Depending on your Organization Preferences, you may be tracking expiration dates in the People tab as well. If this is not enabled for your agency and/or you want to add more items to track, we recommend creating specific activities or reports for those people and track it in the Compliance tab. 

Creating activities/reports to track individuals in the People tab is the best way to track their compliance. 

Copy from Address Book

Another way to add a relationship to the People Tab, is to click on “Copy from Address Book”. These types of relationships are best for individuals who are shared with multiple homes. Examples of this could be county workers, dentists, doctors, etc. 

A pop-up will then appear listing all individuals and organizations that have been added to the Address Book. Click on the box next to their name(s) and click "Ok" to add them to the People Tab. 

Image: “Copy from Address Book Button”

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