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This article is meant to assist you with the Family Web Tab in a Home Screen. If you do not have the Family Web enabled for your agency, please contact support@extendedreach.com. 

If you have a question not addressed here, you can search at the bottom of this article in Related Articles or contact support at support@extendedreach.com. 

Home Screen: Family Web Tab Layout

Depending on the Provider Type, the Family Web tab will be available for households. You can select which Provider Types have access to the Family Web in Organization Preferences. Click here for more information on Family Web access. 

Image: “Family Web Tab Layout”


View all activity within the Family Web using the Posts tab. You can also Post a Message to the family through the Family Web by clicking on "Post a Message".

Image: “Family Web Tab: Posts”


Invite families to the Family Web by going to the Activity tab and clicking on "Send Invitation". This will send an email invite to the family, which will provide them a link to the Family Web as well as instructions on how to sign up. 

Please see Inviting a Family to the Foster Family Website for more details.

Image: “Family Web Tab: Activity”

View Family Web

To view the Family Web through the eyes of the household, click on "View Family Website" under the Posts tab. You will be redirected to the Family Web and will show you what it looks like when the foster parents log in. 

Image: “View Family Website"

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