Home Activity Types (General)


  • Introduction
  • Explanation and Purpose of Home Activity Types
  • Security Level Requirements and Access
  • Adding and Maintaining Home Activity Types


This article is meant to assist you with the details in Adding and Maintaining Home Activity Types. 
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Explanation and Purpose of Home Activity Types

Home Activity Types control your list of available Activities within a particular Home. Activity Types are events that occur at a certain point in time and need to be documented. These are typically social work contacts such as a home visits or collateral contacts such as phone calls, letters, or email. Activity Types usually have an associated case note or narrative and may also have associated file attachments.

Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access the “Administration” menu on the left side of your Workspace. Go to “Organization Settings” and click on “Home Activity Types”.

Image: “Home Activity Types Access Screen”

Adding and Maintaining Homes Activity Types

Once in “Activity Types”, select an existing activity from the list or create a new one by clicking “Add Home Activity Type”.

Click on “Edit” if editing an existing Activity Type.

Image: “Home Activity Type Screen”

Within the General screen, complete the fields. Required fields are highlighted, while optional fields are not.

Image: “Activity Type: General Screen”

“Activity Type Information”

Activity Type Information Description
Activity Name Name of the activity
Organization (if applicable) Name of the organization using the activity
Create Trigger(s) You can determine if you would like an activity to be triggered based on the occurrence of another event. See Due Dates in Related Articles for more detail
Available To Within homes, you are able to specify who is allowed to see this activity type
Menu Order The number you assign will determine the order in which this activity appears in the activity menu found within a specific program. (The top 12 activities appear if you hover over “Add Activity”, however you can click on “More” to view all activities in alphabetic order.)
Inactive Only inactivate if you no longer wish to use this activity type


Image: “Activity Types: Home Configuration Options”

Options Description
Activity Category Select the category from the drop-down menu. Options include: General Activity, Training (see Home Training Configuration, for more details), Household Member, or Non-Household Member
Required For “Required For” will appear if you selected “Household Member” in the Activity Category above. Select from the drop-down menu, for whom this activity is required
Relationship Type “Relationship Type” will appear if you selected “Non-Household Member” in the Activity Category above. Select from the drop-down menu, which type of non-household relationship this is
Default # Hours Indicated the default number of hours that will allow completion of the activity (will only show if Training is selected for the Activity Category)
Options Description
Due Click on the following link for more details on Due Dates
Expires after Click on the following link for more details on Expiration Dates
Track Start Time Tracks start time of the activity
Track End Time + Duration Tracks end time as well as duration of the activity
Requires approval Requires supervisor approval before being marked as complete
Include in case note summary Includes the activity in the case note summary
Save and add another Allows to save the activity and create another one immediately after
Warn if two in the same day Warns the user if they are entering in two of the same activity on the same day
Group Activity (Allow Copy to Other Homes) Enables a grouping feature that copies a single activity to multiple households
Share Completed Activity Files on the Family Website Publishes the completed activity to the Foster Family Website
Show in Compliance Checklist Activity displays on the compliance tab for the household
Hide if Single Household Hides the activity if it is a single household
Show guidelines/help text Displays helpful text/directions on how to complete an activity
Image: “Activity Types: Template Screen”

Template Type Information Description
Text – Use Field Codes Enter in text into the narrative box using field codes. Once completed, the narrative box will display the field code information
Text and User Attached File Allows users to add a text narrative as well as attach a file
File – Use Field Codes Upload documents that use extendedReach field codes to populate the fields
File – No Field Codes Upload documents without field codes
File – User Will Attach User will attach a file (PDF or Word)
Photo – User Will Attach User can attach a photo(s)
This narrative format is mandatory Check the box if this format is required when workers make notes in this Activity Type
Narrative Add the narrative with Custom Field Codes, from the “Custom” Tab, if you wish.  This narrative will appear when you access this Activity Type in the eR system

Image: “Activity Types: General: Template Screen”

Once you save your work, the activity type will be complete and usable. Your new activity is now accessible from your workspace within a home, and usable in your agency’s workflow.

Image: “Usable Activity”

Image: “Workflow Activity”

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