Home Activity Types (Training)


  • Introduction
  • Explanation and Purpose of Home Training
  • Security Level Requirements and Access
  • Configuring Home Training
  • Using Home Training in Compliance Tab within a Home


This article is meant to provide you with details in configuring home training, found within Home Activity Types. If you have a question not addressed here, you can search at the bottom of this article in Related Articles or contact support at support@extendedreach.com. 

Explanation and Purpose of Home Training

Home Training allows your agency to track any training or instruction families have taken. Training is slightly different from General Activities as explained below.

Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access the “Administration” menu on the left side of your Workspace. Go to “Organization Settings” and click on “Home Activity Types”.

Image: “Home Activity Types Access Screen”

Configuring Home Training

From an Activity Type, click on the General tab, and scroll down to the “Configuration” field and select "Training" from the Activity Category field. 

Selecting Training will automatically enable the “Default # Hours" field; which is the number of hours typically required for this training type. If nothing is standard, leave blank.

Image: “Home Activity Type: Training Configuration”


For Training, add an Expiration Date if training needs to be taken on a regular basis. Expiration dates can be added by checking the box next to "Expires after".

Group Activity

If the training can be applied to multiple homes, enable the setting "Group Activity (Allow Copy to Other Homes)". This allows the entry to be entered into extendedReach once, but copied to multiple homes to show as completed as well. 

Compliance Tab

To have the training show in the Compliance Tab, enable the setting "Show on Compliance Checklist". Once enabled scroll to the bottom of the settings to select the "Training" Compliance Category. If "Training" is not available on the drop-down, go to Organization Settings > Organization Preferences > Keywords> Foster Home to add more. 


Select Text and User Attached File, so the user can make a note and attach a certificate for the Home Training, if they wish.

Image: “Home Activity Types: Home Training Template”

Using Home Training in Compliance Tab within a Home

Within the Compliance Tab, you will find “Training”. Click on “Add Activity”. (The Red button indicates a due or missing item.)

Image: “Home Compliance Checklist”

Complete fields and attach files if applicable. Then Click on “Complete”.

Image: “Home Training Tracking Completion”

The Compliance Tab will now reflect (with a green button) the updated training log with a new expiration date for Parent A and Parent B. Training generally transfers to both parents if there are two in a Home. You will need to indicate only one parent completed training, if that’s the case, in the previous screen.

Image: “Home Training Tracking Completion”

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