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  • Introduction
  • Explanation and Purpose of the Side Menu Administration
  • Side Menu Administration Security Level Requirements and Access
  • Organization Billing
  • Organization Settings
  • Program Settings


This article is meant to assist your agency with the extendedReach Side Menu Administration. 
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Explanation and Purpose of the Side Menu Administration

extendedReach is organized in a manner that allows you to easily access information with the Side Menu providing “Views” of comprehensive agency-wide data for users. The “Views” in the Side Menu are configured through the Administration section of the Side Menu.

Side Menu Administration Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access “Administration” on the left side of your Workspace. Go to “Administration” where you will find Organization Billing, Organization Settings, Program Settings, and System Settings.

Image: “Side Menu Administration Access”

Organization Billing

By default the following views are available to all agencies: AR Generation, AP Generation, and Sched. Generation. All other views are associated with the Advanced Financial Management (AFM) Module. Please contact for more information. 

Image: “Side Menu Admin: Organization Billing”

N = May Not Apply (AFM only)

Field Name Description
Days Care: AR Generation Generate the Accounts Receivable for Days Care and print Days Care Invoices
Days Care: AP Generation Generate the Accounts Payable for Days Care and print AP Statements
Days Care: Sched. Generation Schedule the AR and AP to generate on specific days of the month
Payments: Undeposited View all undeposited payments
Payments: Deposited View all deposited payments
Posting: Ready to Post View all items ready to post to your financial system 
Posting: Posted by Batch View all posted items to your financial system, sorted by batch number
Posting: Posted AR Batches View all posted Accounts Receivables batches 
Posting: Do Not Post View all items marked as "Do Not Post"
Claims: Ready to Transmit List of all claims ready to be transmitted to insurances
Claims: Transmitted Batches Lists all claims that have been transmitted to insurances
Misc: Adjustments View of all miscellaneous adjustments that have been made

Organization Settings

Organization Settings is where you can make the majority of the changes to your extendedReach database. Here you can create staff accounts, make database changes, view home activities and reports, and more!

Image: “Side Menu Admin: Organization Settings”

Field Name Description
Audit Log
View all staff activity including last login, recently viewed, and recently created
Configurator View all activities, reports and print templates for cases and homes
Email Alerts
Create email notifications for items completed/submitted/changed in the system
Export Data Export custom spreadsheets from extendedReach into Excel
Field Codes
List of all field codes available in extendedReach to auto-populate custom forms, activities, and reports
Family Website Content
Add additional resources to the Foster Family Website
Home Activity Types List of all home activity types 
Home Report Types List of all home report types
Home Print Templates List of all home print templates
Import Data Import data into extendedReach
Set up and edit scanner inboxes to email items directly into extendedReach
Organization Preferences Make changes to your agency's extendedReach system
Print Medication Logs Print medication logs for the current month or upcoming month
Scheduled Trainings
Add scheduled trainings for Foster Parents to access through the Foster Family Website
Staff Profiles
Create and view all staff profiles 
User Groups
Create and view User Groups to assign staff to
User ID’s
Create and view all staff User IDs
User Locks View and remove User Locks in the system
Zoho Administration Optional Feature - allows access to Zoho Analytics (Reports). If you are interested in this feature, please contact

Program Settings

Program Settings is where to make changes to case program settings, rates, and activities and reports.

Image: “Side Menu Admin: Program Settings”

Field Name Description
Programs View all programs available in extendedReach and make changes to case settings
Program Activity Types List of all case activity types
Program Report Types List of all case report types
Program Print Templates List of all case print templates
Program Rate Sheets
Create and view all case rates levels

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