User Security Permissions


This article is meant to review Security Rights (ie User Permissions) found on the individual User ID (or User Group if enabled). System Administrators may access this information from Organization Settings > User ID or Organization Settings > User Groups (if User Groups are enabled for your organization).

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Administrator Roles

extendedReach offers a Full Administrator role and multiple Restricted Administrator roles. 
The Administrator roles are defined as follows: 

If the User or User Group will be a Full Administrator, select Full Administrator in the drop down.

To select one or more Restricted Administrator role in the drop down and check the box of the desired permission(s) for the User/User Group.

If the User/User Group will be a Branch Administrator, select from the drop down.

Apply Profile

eR offers the option to apply a profile for an individual User or User Group. If a profile from the drop down is selected, various settings will auto-populate. These settings can be modified by checking or unchecking applicable permission checkbox. 
Note: these profiles are a general guideline and may not fit the needs for all organizations/users/user groups. You may bypass the profile application and manually create User/User Group permissions manually by checking the applicable permissions check boxes for the User/User Group.

Permissions related to the Left Side Menu

eR’s Left Side Menu allows a User/User Group to view various information within your system. Full System Administrators  will determine what Left Side Menu navigation a User/User Group may access in the Security Rights section of the User ID/User Group page.

The Left Side Menu Navigation settings are defined as follows: 

Misc. Permissions

Additional permissions are available to Users/User Groups. 
Note: the permissions have been categorized below to assist Full System Administrators in understanding the connection of the setting to its use in the system. The order does not match the order on the User ID/User Group page for this reason.