Editing Word Documents with the extendedReach Plug-In


  • Introduction
  • Working with Word Documents in extendedReach
  • Steps to Edit a Word Document


This article is meant to assist you with editing Microsoft Word Document forms used in casework, such as: service plans, assessments, and home studies, on a Windows PC.

If you have a question not addressed here, you can search at the bottom of this article in Related Articles or contact support at support@extendedreach.com. 

Working with Word Documents in extendedReach

extendedReach has a unique feature that allows you to edit Microsoft Word Documents on the extendedReach website the same way you would if they were on your PC’s desktop. This feature automates the download and upload process normally required by websites.

To edit Word Documents in extendedReach, you must install the extendedReach Plug-In (“eR Plugin”). Installing the eR Plug-In requires Microsoft Windows. If you are using a Mac/Apple computer, see Editing Word Documents on a Mac. If you are using an iPad, please see Editing Word Documents on iPad.

Steps to Edit a Word Document

Step 1. Ensure the extendedReach screen with the Word Document is in “Edit Mode”.

If you see an “Edit” button, click it to proceed. If you are not in “Edit Mode”, you will have read-only access to the Word Document and your changes will not be saved in extendedReach.

Image: “Edit MS Word Documents”

Step 2. Double-click the file icon to begin editing using Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word should launch and show the document. extendedReach website should remain open in a window behind the Microsoft Word Document window.

The extendedReach website must remain open while you work with the document. While you are adding or editing your MS Word Document, “Editing” will appear on top of the Word Document icon.

Image: “Editing MS Word Documents”

Step 3. Edit the Word Document as you would normally.

Step 4. When you want to save your changes, click “Save” in Microsoft Word,

DO NOT click “Save As” (using “Save As” will save your changes only to your PC and not back to extendedReach).

Image: “Saving MS Word Document Edits”

Step 5. Close the Word Document window.

Once Microsoft Word is closed, your changes will automatically be sent to the extendedReach website. You will see the “Uploading file” progress bar.

Image: “Uploading MS Word Document”

Once your changes have been uploaded to extendedReach, an “Updated” message will appear over the Word Document icon.

Image: “Updated Edit”

Step 6. Save the document in extendedReach by clicking any of the following buttons: ”Save”, “Draft”, “Submit for Approval”, “Approve+Complete”, “Reject”, “Complete”.

Image: “ Save/Save and Submit”

Image: “ Save/Save and Submit”

For more details on saving documents, please see Creating, Approving, and Completing Activities and Reports in Related Articles. 

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