Installing the extendedReach Plug-In


  • Introduction
  • Purpose and Explanation of the extendedReach Plug-In
  • Accessing the extendedReach Plug-In
  • Installing the extendedReach Plug-In
  • Windows 10 and .NET 2.0


This article is meant to assist you with installing the extendedReach Plug-In.

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Purpose and explanation of the extendedReach Plug-In

extendedReach has a unique feature that allows you to create, edit, and interact with Microsoft Word Documents directly on the extendedReach website, as if they were right on your PC’s desktop. This feature allows you to easily fill-in and make changes to documents by automating the download and upload process you would normally need to do on other websites. This feature is possible due to a piece of software called the “extendedReach Plug-In” (“eR Plugin”), which must be installed on your computer prior to editing word documents.

The extendedReach Plug-In requires using Windows. If using a Mac, please see our article on Editing Word Documents on a Mac. 

Accessing the eR Plug-In

The eR Software System will automatically notify you when you need to download the eR Plug-In. This occurs when you attempt to generate and/or a MS Word document, or attach a file.

Installing the eR Plug-In

1. Click “Generate File” in an Activity Type or Report Type, within a Case or Home.

Image: “Generate File”

2. This box will automatically open, indicating you need to download the eR Plug-In.

Image: “Installing eR Plug-In Box”

3. Click on “extendReachSetup.msi” to download the setup file.

4. Click “Run” to star the installation.

5. Click “Next” several time, until the setup is finished.

6. You may now use the eR Plug-In.