Creating, Approving, and Completing Activities and Reports (Workflow)


  • Introduction
  • Case Workflow Process


This article is meant to assist you with creating and completing casework in extendedReach.

All casework in extendedReach is stored in either an “Activity” (social work contact or event) or a “Report” (a document that is created or collected). Each “Activity” or “Report” will have a status that starts as “Due” or “Draft”. The goal is to finish the casework, have it approved by supervisor (as necessary), and to move the status to “Complete”. This article will walk you through that process.

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Workflow Process

Step 1. Create or Select Activity or Report to Complete

To begin work on a particular Activity or Report – select the activity or report for a Case or Home though one of the following methods:

  • (Option 1) Choose the Activity or Report name from the “Add Activity” or “Add Report” menu on a “Case or Home”.

Image: “Workflow: Creating Casework”

  • (Option 2) Click an item in the “Compliance” tab.

Image: “Workflow: Creating Casework”

  • (Option 3) Click an item in the “Task List” on your Home Page.

Image: “Workflow: Creating Casework”

Step 2. Ensure the document is in edit mode.

Step 3. Fill in any required fields

Step 4. Create the note, generate a file, or attach a file.

  • If you write a note or attach a Word Document, click “Generate Narrative” or “Generate File” to use a prebuilt template. extendedReach may pre-fill the template with information for the selected case or home (including your signature).

If a supervisor needs to approve the document, it is important that you leave the bottom portion of the Word Document in tact, so it can be auto-filled with the supervisor’s signature upon approval. The signature will populate with the <*SS> code. Removing this code will prevent the supervisors signature from showing once it is approved. 

Image: “Signature Block”

  • If you collecting a document using the paper clip icon (such as a birth certificate) use the paper clip to attach the file from your PC (or use the scanner inbox). 

Step 5. Save your changes.

Click one of these buttons from the top menu to save your changes:

  • “Save” 
    Saves and keeps current status.
  • “Draft” 
    Saves and changes status to “Draft” (keeps item on your task list and indicates you must still finish it).
  • “Complete” 
    Saves and changes status to “Complete” (indicating you are done with your work).
  • “Submit for Approval” 
    Saves and changes status to “Submitted” (a supervisor will receive notice that the document must be reviewed and approved).

Image: “Save/Save and Submit for Approval”

Step 6. (Only for items that require approval) Supervisor Reviews

Supervisor may make any edits to the activity or report (in “Edit Mode”) and then chooses one of the following options:

  • “Save” 
    Saves and keeps current status (of “Submitted”)
  • “Approve + Complete” 
    Saves and changes status to “Approved”. The supervisor’s signature, name, credentials, title, and date approved will be automatically added to the signature block for MS Word documents. Once approved, only those with supervisory/approval status can make further changes.
  • “Reject” 
    Saves and changes status to “Rejected”. The document will be returned to the worker’s Task List to further edit the document and eventually re-submit to a Supervisor.

Image: “Save/Save and Submit”

Upon supervisory approval, the supervisor’s digital identity will auto-fill.

Image: “Supervisor Signature”

As items are submitted, extendedReach will time stamp this history for documentation purposes.

Image: “Item History Time Stamp”

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