Adding a Case


  • Introduction
  • Add a New Case from Workspace
  • Add a New Case from Cross Agency Search
  • Add a New Case from Referral
  • Add a New Case by Readmitting a Closed Case


This article is meant to assist you with adding a case. 

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Adding a New Case from Workspace

Hover over the “Add Case” button on the action bar on your workspace, and select a program.

Image: “Add Case” Screen

Complete the fields and be sure to save your work. Please see our Case Screen articles, for more information.

Perform a Cross Agency Search for a Case Served at Another Agency

(You must have “send/receive online referrals” enabled by your Agency Administrator for this to function).

Image: Cross Agency Search

Accept a Pending Referral

To accept the referral and open a new case, click on Referral Status > Accept Referral + Open Case. Note: your pop-up blocker needs to be disabled in order for you to deny and accept referrals. 

Image: “Accept” Referral

Readmit a Closed Case

You can also readmit a case if it has been closed. Similarly, if there is a case that was admitted to the wrong program, you would discharge the case and readmit it into the appropriate program to correct that problem. A new case will be created once you click on the Readmit button.

Please see our Readmitting a Foster Child article, for more information.

Image: “Readmit” Case

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