Adding a Home Inquiry


  • Introduction
  • Organization Settings
  • Adding an Inquiry
  • Turning an Inquiry into a Home
  • Closing an Inquiry
  • View Inquiries
  • Online Inquiry Form


This article is meant to assist you with adding a Home Inquiry.

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Organization Settings

Inquires must be turned  on in Organizational Settings by an Agency Administrator.

Adding an Inquiry

Hover over the “Add Home” button on the action bar on your workspace, and select “Inquiry”.

Image: “Add Home: Inquiry” Screen

General Tab

At minimum, complete the yellow, highlighted fields and be sure to save your work. 

Image: Home Inquiry: General Tab

Inquiry Tab

Complete the fields and be sure to save your work. 

Image: Home Inquiry: Inquiry Tab

Turning an Inquiry into a Home

From the “Status” Button on your action bar, select “Open Home” from the drop-down menu.

Image: Open Home

Your screen will then refresh and a list of due reports/activities may appear in yellow. 

Image: Open Home

Closing an Inquiry

From the “Status” Button on your action bar, select “Close Inquiry” from the drop-down menu.

Image: Close Inquiry

A pop-up will then appear. Complete the highlighted fields and click on Submit.

Image: Close Inquiry

View Inquiries

To view all inquiries, select “Inquiries” from the Homes Rosters section under Homes on the side menu.

Image: View Inquiries

This Inquiry View provides a snapshot of interests, actions (next steps), and last contact. Click on the blue hyper-linked name to access the home file.

Image: View Inquiries

Online Inquiry Form

Another way to add inquiries to the system is to use an online form that is embedded into your agency's website. The inquiry can fill out the form, click Submit, and the information will automatically be added to extendedReach. 

To use the online inquiry form, go to Organization Settings -> Organization Preferences -> Family Web -> Inquiries. If the Family Web tab is not available, please contact to set it up for you. 

In the Inquiry Form Settings section, you can select a default worker the inquiries will be assigned to; notify multiple email addresses of new inquiries, and ask which branch/location is closet to the inquiry.

In the Inquiry Integration Code section, use Option 1 to use the direct URL to the Inquiry Form. Option 2 is used to embed the code into an existing agency webpage. 

Image: Family Web - Inquiries

To view what the Inquiry Form looks like, click on the link in Option 1.

If there are any additional fields you would like added to the inquiry form, please contact support at

Image: Online Inquiry Form

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