Foster Home Licensing Process


  • Introduction
  • Inquiry
  • Application
  • Licensing


This article is meant to assist you with the life-cycle of a foster home: Inquiry to Application, Application to Licensing.

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An Inquiry is the term used for a prospective home who is considering starting the application process to become foster home.

To add an inquiry, hover over “Add Home” in your action bar on your workspace, and click on “Inquiry”.

Image: “Add Home: Inquiry” Screen

For complete details on the process of adding an inquiry, please see our article Adding a Home Inquiry. The Home Screen: Inquiry Tab offers additional details, including interview questions as well as “Next Steps” for your agency’s workflow.

To access your agency’s Inquiries, hover over Home Rosters and click on “Inquiries”.

Image: “Inquiry Access”


An Application is the term used for a prospective home who moves from the investigative phase of an “Inquiry” to the petition or “Application” phase.

From an Inquiry, select “Open Home” in the drop-down menu under the “Status” Button on your action bar.

Image: “Open Home”

You will be taken to this screen.

Image: “Open Home”

Select “Applicant” from the Provider Type drop-down menu. Complete the remaining fields. For further instructions, please see our article, Home Screen: General Tab.

Image: “Applicant Designation”

To access your agency’s Applicants, hover over Home Rosters and click on “Applicants/Unlicensed Homes”.

Image: “Applicant Access”


Licensing is the term used to identify a home that has been authorized to accept a foster care placement.

In the General Tab of an Applicant, change the Provider Type from Applicant to the appropriate licensed provider type. These provider types vary by agency, and are customized by your agency’s administrators in Organization Preferences. 

Image: “Applicant to Licensed Provider Type”

In the Licensing Tab, add a license by clicking on “Add License”.

Image: “Licensing Tab”

Complete the required fields in Licensing Information and License Details/Preferences, including Max Capacity, Gender and Age Range.

For complete details regarding these fields, please see our article Home Screen: Licensing Tab.

To access your Licensed Homes, hover over Home Rosters and click on “Licensed Homes”.

Image: “Access Licensed Homes”

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