Adding a Staff Signature


  • Introduction
  • Signing the Staff Signature Form
  • Scanning a Signed Staff Signature Form
  • Using Microsoft Snipping Tool
  • MAC Support in Capturing the Signature Image
  • Attaching a Signature to a Staff Profile
  • Staff Digital Signature


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Signing the “Staff Signature Form”

  1. Employee must first have a Staff Profile in the extendedReach system. For additional support with Adding a Staff Profile, see the Related Articles below.
  2. Click Here to access the extendedReach Staff Signature Form.
  3. Print the Staff Signature Form.
  4. Employee will sign their name inside the box on the Staff Signature Form.

Image: “Staff Signature Form Box”

Scanning a signed Staff Signature Form

With the use of a scanner or smart phone, scan or photograph the entire signature form box with signature inside the box. Save the scanned (or photographed) form to your desktop.

Image: “Scanning Staff Signature Form”

Using Microsoft Snipping Tool

  1. Open the saved scan (or photograph).

Image: “Scanned Signature Form”

2. Search for “Snipping Tool” in Microsoft Windows Search Bar and select Snipping Tool.

Image: “Microsoft Snipping Tool Search Screen”

If you cannot find the MS Snipping Tool, try using Lightshot for free.

3. Begin a New Snip by clicking on “New”.

Image: “Creating a New Snip Screen”

4. Capture the signature image by placing your mouse at the top or bottom corner of the signature, click your mouse and stretch the red box over the signature, leaving as little white space around the signature as possible, but ensuring the signature is not cut off.

Image: “Capturing the Signature”

5. Your image will look something like this, with no borders:

Image: “Captured Signature”

If you do see borders, go to “Tools” and click on “Options”. Unchecked the “Show selection ink after snips are captured” box, and click on “OK”.

Image: “Remove Border”

6. Save the captured image to your desktop as a png, gif, or jpg image file.

Image: “Snipped Signature Image File”

7. To ensure the size of your image is correct, hover over the saved file icon on your desktop, right click, and select “Properties”.

Image: “Image Dimensions Properties Screen”

8. From Properties, select “Details”. The dimensions should be approx 260w x 50h. If you need to make the image smaller, simply zoom in on the signature image and repeat steps 4-7.

Image: “Image Dimensions Screen”

Mac (OSX) Support in Capturing the Signature Image

If you use a Mac, the following two options will allow you to capture the signature image.

(Option 1) Save the PDF to your Mac’s desktop, open the PDF, and press “COMMAND+SHIFT+4” (which does the same thing as the snipping tool in Windows).

(Option 2) If you use Parallels to run Windows on your Mac, you may have to “turn on” the snipping tool in Windows/Parallels (see instructions below).

Image: “Snipping Tool Mac Support Screen”

Image: “Staff Signature Mac Support Screen”

Attaching a Signature to a Staff Record

This portion of the process occurs within the extendedReach system, and can only be accessed by an Agency Administrator.

  1. Click on “Staff Profiles”, under “Organization Settings” on your Workspace.

Image: “Workspace Organization Settings Screen”

2. Click on staff’s name.

Image: “Organization Settings Staff Screen”

3. Click on “Edit”.

Image: “Staff Edit Screen”

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile and click on the paper clip attachment icon in the Signature section.

Image: “Edit Signature Attachment Screen”

5. Select the Snipped Signature File you saved on your computer desktop.

Image: “Snipped Signature Image File”

You can also delete a file if you need, by clicking on the file and then clicking on the trash can.

Image: “Edit Delete Signature Screen”

6. Click on “Save”.

Image: “Edit Save Screen”

You should now see a check-mark under “Signature” for your staff member. This indicates a signature is attached to that staff member’s record.

Image: “Staff Signature Attached Screen”

Staff Digital Signature 

Staff are also able to apply their signature through My Preferences button, Replace Signature button