Adding a Staff Profile


  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Staff Profile
  • Adding a Staff Profile Security Level Requirements and Access
  • Steps to Creating a New Staff Profile


This article is meant to assist you with adding a Staff Profile. 

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Overview of the Staff Profile

When a new employee’s role includes working with cases, this employee will require a Staff Profile. A Staff Profile is essentially a professional record that collects information such as: signature, credentials, phone numbers, hire date, and other information. This is the 2nd step for adding a new hire to the extendedReach system, following creating a User ID for the employee. For assistance in Adding a User ID, please see Related Articles.

Adding a Staff Profile Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access “Administration” on the left side of your Workspace. Go to “Organization Settings” and click on “Staff”.

Image: “Organization Settings Staff Access Screen”

3 Steps to Creating a New Staff Profile

  1. Within Staff, click on “Add Staff”.

Image: “Add Staff Screen”

  1. Within the General screen, complete the fields. Required fields are highlighted, while optional fields are not.

Image: “Add Staff General Screen”

“General Information”

  • Status: Leave status “Active” if staff is currently employed. For more information on “Inactivating” Status, please see Deleting a User/Employee Leaves Agency in Related Articles.
  • User ID: This is where you can link this Staff Profile to an existing User ID. For more information on Adding a User ID, please see Related Articles.
  • Termination Date: Click on small calendar icon to open calendar. Select date of termination from the calendar.
  • Agency: This should pre-fill with your agency name.
  • Supervisor: You can select which supervisor, if any, will supervise this staff member.
  • Type: You can access the drop-down menu to select the staff type.
  • Intake Worker: Check this box if this Staff Profile is for an Intake Worker only.
  • Does Not Perform Casework: Check this box if this Staff member will NOT be performing casework. This means the staff will not be available on the drop-down menu to complete activities and reports for homes and cases. 

Image: “General Information Screen”

Image: “Link User ID Screen”

Image: “Add Staff General Add Race Screen”

Image: “Termination Date Screen”

“Personal Information”

All information entered in this area will only be viewable to full administrators. 

Image: “Personal Information Screen”

“Emergency Contact”

One emergency contact for the staff member can be entered in this section. If there is more information, or additional contacts that need to be added, please enter them in the Comments tab. 

Image: “Emergency Contact Screen”


Upload an image of the staff signature in this section. The signature that gets uploaded can be configured to automatically be added to all complete reports and activities. 

For instructions on Adding a Staff Signature, see Related Articles.

Image: “Signature Screen”

Press SAVE to complete Adding a Staff Profile