Navigation Access Control


  • Introduction
  • How to Get Set-Up
  • Enabling or Disabling Features


By default, users have access to all case and home information within their organization as well as all of the Views on the sidebar. Enabling the “Navigation Access Control” feature for your organization allows you to restrict user to access to just the cases and homes on a user’s workspace, restrict or hide all or some Views, as well as the ability to restrict search.

The following navigation elements can be hidden from end users:

  • My Stuff Menu Section
  • Cases Menu Section
  • Homes Menu Section
  • Summaries Menu Section
  • Search
  • Workspace Edit Controls
  • The feature is an advanced organization setting, named “System: Enable navigation show/hide settings (advanced)”.

    How to Get Set-Up

    To enable the “Navigation Access Control” feature go to Organizational Settings, then click on Organizational Preferences.

    Image: “Accessing Organizational Preferences”

    Go to the Settings tab and click on the Edit button. Once in Edit mode, scroll to the bottom of the Additional Settings section and click on Show Advanced Options. When more fields become accessible, scroll up to the top of the Additional Settings section. Once the selected box has been marked, click Save to finish enabling this feature. Image: “Advanced Settings – Navigation Settings”

    To restrict individual User IDs (Or User Groups) go to Organizational Settings, then click on User ID’s. Select the appropriate user, click on the Edit button, and scroll down to the Security Rights section. Use the Navigation area to pick and choose what the user can see on their Dashboard. Any options that have am asterisks * would allow the User organization-wide access. 

    Image: “User ID Navigation Area”

    Enabling or Disabling Features

    In this Navigation Area, there are several areas that you can enable or disable for a user, such as:

    • Access My Stuff Menus
    • Access Cases Menus
    • Access Homes Menus
    • Access Summaries Menus
    • Use Search
    • Modify Workspace Setup
    • Navigate to Linked Cases
    • Navigate to Staff Profiles
    • When a box has a checkmark, those Views can be seen by the user. When you uncheck one of the boxes, that View will be hidden from that specific user.

      To disable the search bar on the User’s dashboard, deselect the Use Search checkbox.

      Image: “Disabling the search bar”

      To remove the Summaries View, deselect the Access Summaries Menus checkbox.

      Image: “Disabling the summaries”

      Deselecting the Modify Workplace Setup checkbox restricts the user from editing their workplace settings.

      Image: “Disable Modify Workplace Setup”

      Additionally, you can hide the linked cases navigation so that the user cannot navigate to a prior cases or a case in another program.

      Image: “Disable Navigate to Linked Cases”

      Image: “Link to Cases Removed”