Posting to Your Accounting System


  • Introduction
  • Explanation of Posting to Your Accounting System
  • Posting Security Level Requirements and Access
  • Steps for Posting to Your Accounting System
  • View Posted Transactions
  • Recreate a Batch


This article is meant to assist you with posting Days Care and other items to your accounting system. This is part of the optional add-on, Enterprise Financials. If you are interested in the extendedReach Enterprise Financials, please contact your Agency Administrator, or 

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Explanation of Posting to Your Accounting System

Once the Enterprise Financials functionality is enabled, Charges, Payments Received, Adjustments, and Reimbursements, to Foster Homes, can be posted to a 3rd party accounting system (such as QuickBooks). Once Posted, these transactions can no longer be modified. (Adjustments are used).

Two types of files are posted to accounting systems:

1. Journal Transactions (Receivables):

All Charges, Payments Received, and Adjustment are posted as either a single consolidated Journal Entry for the month or as individual detailed Journal Entries. These Journal Entries consist of Revenue, Receivables, and Cash accounts.

2. Payments (Vouchers) and Credits to Foster Homes (Payables):

This file indicates how much to pay each home (or how much to credit if there was an overpayment).

Posting Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access “Administration” on the left side of your Workspace. Go to “Organization Billing”.

Steps for Posting Days Care (receivables) and Reimbursements (payables) to Your Accounting System

1.  Within Organization Billing, click on “Posting: Ready to Post”.

Image: “Posting to Your Accounting System Screen”

2.  Click on the “Post” button.

Image: “Posting to Your Accounting System Screen”

3.  Complete the fields and click on Submit.

Image: “Post Transactions”

Field Name Description
Post Type From the drop-down menu, select Receivables to post revenue, receivables, and cash (Journal Entries), or Payables for Reimbursements (Vouchers and Credits to Foster Homes).
Post All Transaction Types If you want to post all transaction types, leave that option selected. If you would rather post the Charges, Payments, and Adjustments separately, use that drop-down to select the transaction type that you'd like to post.
Post transaction through: Click on the calendar icon and indicated the date through which this post will include.
Post to this month: Select the month and year from the drop-down menu to which these transactions will be posted. (If you just generated a post, always use corresponding month and year you just generated.)

4.  This process will produce a file that you can upload to your accounting system.

This file can be re-created, but once you’ve uploaded this file to your accounting system, you have “Posted” to our system, or generated Days Care, for example.

Image: “Generated File”

View Posted Transactions

To view post transactions, go to Organization Billing and click on Posting: Posted by Batch.

Image: “Posting: Posted by Batch”

Each batch is automatically assigned a number and is identified as a Receivables or Payables batch.

Image: “Posting: Posted by Batch Details”

Recreate a Batch

To Regenerate a batch (re-create the same file) click on the Recreate Posted Batch File button.

Image: “Recreate File”

Type in the batch number you wish to re-create, and click on Submit. If you need to change the month that it was posted to, check the box next to "change posted month", select the month, then click on Submit. 

Image: “Generated File”