• Introduction
  • Explanation and Purpose of the HomeMatch Tool
  • Launching HomeMatch
  • Using HomeMatch
  • HomeMatch Mapped Results


This article is designed to assist you with the extendedReach HomeMatch tool.

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Explanation and Purpose of the HomeMatch Tool

extendedReach can quickly and easily find available homes for foster children with the use of our proprietary tool called “HomeMatch”. A list of available homes is determined based on the child’s age, gender, and sibling group size. These criteria are compared to a home’s current capacity, preferences, and licensing. The results are then plotted on a map, allowing your staff to further narrow the choice based on location.

Launching HomeMatch

The HomeMatch tool can be accessed from the side-menu in extendedReach or from the sidebar of the Case or Referral screen. When launched from a Case or Referral screen, the search criteria will be based on that particular Case or Referral. Click on the blue hyper-link to launch HomeMatch.

Image: “HomeMatch Access from Side-Menu”

Image: “HomeMatch Access from Case/Referral”

Using HomeMatch

“Find licensed homes for child or sib group”

Image: “Find licensed home for child or sib group Screen”

Details are needed to find a matching home. Complete the fields, if they are still blank:

  • Number in Group: Indicate the number of children who will to remain together for this placement.
  • Gender(s)
  • County: Select the county in which you want this placement to reside.
  • Age Low: Select from the drop-down menu, the youngest age you want the home to allow.
  • Age High: Select from the drop-down menu, the oldest age you want the home to allow.
  • Worker: Select a specific worker from the drop-down menu, if you want only their homes to be shown.
  • Provider Type(s): Place check-marks next to the type of provider you want for this placement group.
  • Service Type: Select from the drop-down menu the specific service you want this home to provide.
  • Options: Place check-marks next to any of the search options below. This will adjust your search.
    • “Use preferences when specified”
    • “Only show homes with no active placements”
    • “Include unlicensed homes”

Click on “Show Matching Homes”

Image: “Show Matching Homes Button”

HomeMatch Mapped Results

This map shows the results from your search.

Image: “HomeMatch Results”


  • The blue pin icon signifies an Agency.
  • The red pin icon with a number in it signifies a Licensed Foster Home with the number of beds available.

Image: “Legend”

“Licensed Foster Home Map”

  • Center map at: The extendedReach system will center the map at current placement if launched from Referral or a Case; from your agency if you are launching HomeMatch manually. You can “Recenter” by specifying an address, city/state, or zip code, and clicking on “Recenter”.

Image: “Recenter Button”

  • Zoom and Pan Controls: Your view can be adjusted by clicking on the plus sign to zoom in; click on the “minus” sign to pan out.

Image: “Zoom and Pan View”

  • Grab and Drag Controls: Place your computer mouse on any area of the map and drag, to move the map over.

Image: “Grab and Drag View”

  • Click on a red pin icon to view details regarding home, as well as a street view.

Image: “Home Details and Street View”

  • If you click on the blue-hyper linked name of a home, you will be taken to the eR Home screen.

Image: “Access Home Screen”

  • Click on the “Back” button in the top-menu to return to your HomeMatch results.

Image: “Return Back to HomeMatch”

  • Found homes that match criteria: This is a listing (organized by descending number of beds) of homes that match criteria.
    • To change this order:
      1. Click on the black arrows to shift from descending to ascending order
      2. Click on the blue hyper-links at the top of the menu: Beds, Name, City, or Distance.

Image: “Criteria Match Listing”

  • To access the Home screen in extendedReach, click on the blue hyper-linked name of the foster home.
  • To select the marker on the map, click on the red pin icon.

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