Days Care Rates


  • Introduction
  • Explanation of Days Care Rates
  • Days Care Rates Security Level Requirements and Access
  • Adding a New Rate Sheet
  • Editing an Existing Rate Sheet: Current Rate and Rate Changes


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Explanation of Days Care Rates

Days Care Rate is the amount of money an agency is paid by the county to care for an individual client. Its important agencies are current with rate updates, while continuing to track historical rates.

Days Care Rates Security Level Requirements and Access

You must be an Agency Administrator to access “Administration” on the left side of your Workspace. Go to “Program Settings” and click on “Program Rate Sheets”.

Image: “Program Settings: Program Rates Sheets Access Screen”

Rate Sheets are sorted by date with the most recent at the top of the page. Click on “Show” to organize by Name.

Image: “Program Settings: Program Rates Sheets View Screen”

Adding a New Rate Sheet

You should only add new rate sheets if no rate sheet exists with the same name. If you need to increase or decrease an existing rate, find that rate sheet and choose “Rate Change” from the “Edit” menu. More details on this below in “Editing an Existing Rate Sheet”

1. Within Program Rate Sheets, click on “Add Rate Sheet”

Image: “Program Rates Sheets: Add Rate Sheet Screen”

2. Within the General screen, complete the fields. Required fields are highlighted, while optional fields are not.

Image: “New Rate Screen”

Rate Sheet Information

Image: “New Rate Sheet: Rate Info Screen”

  • Name: Name is the title under which this alert is stored.
  • Program: Select from the drop-down menu, the program to which this rate applies.
  • Effective Date: Click on the calendar icon to select from the calendar, or type in the effective date.
  • Options: The Program you select will determine the options available to check or un-check.
  • Restrict To: The Program you select and the agency you are a part of will determine the options available to check.
  • Inactive: Only check this if you are NEVER going to use this rate sheet again. Do NOT check if this is an older rate sheet, and you have created a new rate sheet due to an increase or decrease. extendedReach will use the effective dates of a rate sheet (both current and historical) to determine the correct amounts to bill and pay.

Rate Sheet Breakdown

Image: “New Rate Sheet Breakdown Screen”

  • Rate Options: Check “Rate varies by age” if this is true. Complete the fields generated by checking this option.

Image: “New Rate Sheet Breakdown: Varies by Age Screen”

  • Admin: The Admin Rate is the agency’s revenue.
  • Board: The Board Rate is the amount paid to the home.

3. Press “Save” to complete the New Rate Sheet

Editing an Existing Rate Sheet

1. Look for the “Key” icon. This icon indicates you are able to make edits to existing Rate Sheets.

Image: “Edit Existing Rate Sheet”

2. Click on the blue-hyperlinked date to open the Rate Sheet.

3. You can Edit an Existing Rate Sheet in one of two ways: Rate Change or Current Rate.

  • Current Rate means you simply made a mistake to your rate sheet and you want to correct that mistake.

Image: “Edit: Current Rate”

  • Rate Change means the Days Care rate has been adjusted (increased/decreased) and you need to update the rate. It’s important you keep old rate sheets intact and create new rate sheets, as these are used in Historical Rate Generations.

Image: “Edit: Rate Change”

A New Copy of your Rate Sheet will be generated with the Rate Change Effective Date you indicate.

Image: “Edit Rate Change: General”

4. Make your Rate Changes in this Copy. Be sure to Save this Rate Sheet.

Image: “Edit Change: Save”