How can I recover changes to a document that did not save or a file that I accidentally deleted?

Here are the steps you can take to recover your documents:

 1. Open the report or activity in edit mode within extendedReach. If you are still in the document, exit the page and reopen it.

 2. Click the text that reads “Past Versions” that is directly below the file attachments (in edit mode).

 3. If the file is in that list, download it to your computer and drag it into the “Related Document(s)” section in extendedReach. You can also use the paperclip icon. 

4. If there is an older version of the document already saved on the screen, select it and click the trash can icon.

If your document was not in this list, it should be on the computer you used to edit the file. It is typically easiest to use the Windows search feature to find it by name. Otherwise, open your “My Documents\extendedReach” folder. Your document should be located there.

If you can still not find your document, please let us know at

Why did this happen? 

There are three primary errors that people make:

1. Using the "Save As" feature in MS Word. 

The extendedReach plugin monitors a temporary copy of the file being edited in the users documents\extendedReach folder for changes. If a user saves the document in a different location, extendedReach will loose track of the changes. The document will only be saved in the location that the user selected. Thus, you should never use the "Save As" feature in MS Word. Only click Save and close the MS Word document when you are finished editing.

2. Navigating away from the report in extendedReach, while editing it in MS Word.

You need to keep the document open in your web browser while you are editing it in MS Word. If you need to lookup information in extendedReach, you need to open a new browser tab.

3. Not saving the changes in extendedReach.

 Once you save and close the document in MS Word, you still need to click "Save" in extendedReach. Otherwise, extendedReach will assume you did not want to keep the latest changes.

 If one of these procedures is not followed, your changes will not be saved to extendedReach. However, we can typically recover the document anyway.